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3Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide explores what makes 3Practice Circles tick. 

3Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide is for people who are sad, angry, and apprehensive about important relationships being sucked into the vortex of the difference divide. It’s a book for people who aren’t ready to accept this as our new normal — where we have no choice but to write off relationships that mean a great deal to us.

The 3Practices are a map across the difference divide.

— Practice One: I’ll be Unusually Interested in others

— Practice Two: I’ll stay in the room with difference

— Practice Three: I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst.

This book shows how you can:

1. Create a safe space for learning the 3Practices.

2. Teach a simple skill people can take home and apply immediately.

Jim Henderson and Jim Hancock create spaces — and train others to create spaces — where people come to understand each other without being obliged to agree. They’re convinced that anyone with a hunger for rescuing and strengthening human connections can set the table for others who want that too.


The 3Practice Book Club

From time to time we host a book club to explore about the story behind the story in 3Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide.

The 3Practice Book Club meets on Zoom — for about 75 minutes.

All you need is a copy of the book, which you can Buy at Amazon

 If you’d like to know when the next 3Practice Book Club launches, contact us.

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