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*3Practice Story Circles

3Practice Story Circles are different right out of the gate. Most 3Practice Circles begin with strong opinions or beliefs, delivered in two minutes. Our Story Circles begin with heartfelt personal stories.

You bring the story, we bring The Twist. 

 All the best stories have a twist, right?

We provide a new Twist for each 3Practice Story and invite you to tell a story that can begin, or end, or pivot on that Twist.

Your story can be dramatic, sad, ironic … just, please, not preachy.

There’s a second Twist besides the one you deliver in your two-minute story. When you’re done, instead of saying, "You know, that reminds me of something that happened to me..." folks in the Circle will say, "Thank you ... I’d be curious to know…" and ask you to say more about your story. And that makes 3Practice Story Circles different than anything we’ve ever experienced. 

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Recent 3Practice Circles

Here are 3Practice Circle Framing Questions and Story Twists  from here and there. 



"This land is your land, this land is my land. Was it ever true?

"Easy for you to say…"

“ ...this is when I realized that patriotism means different things to different people."

"I knew I needed to reimagine my faith when…”

“January 6th — Much Ado about Nothing? Tourism Gone Wrong? or Attempted Coup?”

"Medical Assistance in Dying … Is It Inherently Undignified?"

“This is a lesson I can never forget.”

“Why can’t we hold differing beliefs without fear of being cancelled?”

"Where’s the evidence that all lives matter?"

"If I knew then what I know now…"

 "Clean Needle Exchange… too much, too little, or just in time?"

"This was the day I understood that religion can hurt as well as heal"

"MLK: All Lives or Black Lives?"

"Can non-Israelis criticize Israel’s actions without being anti-Semitic?"

"Is the church too political or not political enough?"

"George Floyd Died for Our Sins … convince me I’m wrong."

"This is how I came to understand the power of forgiveness in my life."

“Toxic Leadership is Learned … It Can Be Unlearned — Am I Right?"

”Who Can Say the ’N’ Word in 2021?”

"Facebook is Useless … or is It?" 

"White people want to talk about cancel culture … Black, Indigenous, People of Color already had their cultures canceled in North America, right?" 

“Can There Be Racial Reconciliation Without a Reckoning?”

"Politics are Red & Blue but Purple is best... am I right?"

"Who are They and What Are You Afraid Theyd Do if They Thought They Could Get Away with It?"

“What Will It Take To Unite Us Now?"

 "You Argued on Facebook! Anyone Change Your Mind?"

 "Who's Afraid of Kamala?"

  "Hate Speech is Free Speech — Convince Me I’m Wrong."

 "I've graduated from religion... is that ok?"

 "Once We're Vaccinated - Why Keep Wearing The Masks?"

 "Why Cant We Talk to Each Other?"

 "Climate Change! Better safe than sorry … or not?"

 "Cancel Culture  Are You Being Silenced?"

 "Climate Change — If not now when? If not us, who?"

 "So, having taken care of racism in February; can we wrap up sexism in March?"

 "Is homelessness a choice?"

 "University Student Athletes - Commodity? Partners? or ...?"

 "Insurrection on the Capitol: Nightmare or Awakening"

 "Why Can’t We Talk to Each Other This Week?"

 "What are you smiling about?"

 "Are there unearned privileges that come with waking up white in America?" 

 “This belief is so important, I'm willing to lose friends over it."

“If I feed the poor, I’m a saint. If I ask, why they’re poor, I’m a Communist... so what gives?”

 “Just forgive and forget — it’s the only way our country can reconcile, unite, and move forward… right?”

 “My Body/My Choice applies to vaccines too, am I right?”

“If Just being White Makes me Racist - How Did that Happen?”

“Which is the greater danger to American democracy, voter fraud or voter suppression?”

“The church is an institution that has outlasted its usefulness, right?"

"Is there a difference between 'pro-life' and 'pro-birth'?"

“When did someone convince you to think differently?”

"Gun Violence — the price I pay for my rights, right?"

"Is it just me, or does it seem that a lot of white people want to talk with a black person lately?"

"Better Policing means More Policing — Am I right?" 

“This belief is so important, I'm willing to lose friends and family over it.”

"This is when I knew my race mattered"


Here’s one round from a 3Practice Story Circle where Fred Lynch is responding to the Story Twist: "This is when I knew my race mattered."